Introducing Rendezvox

Welcome to Rendezvox, my new music blog.

Rendezvox will be about anything to do with the indie music scene… for the uninitiated, indie music is music created by artists who are not signed by the major record labels. They are independent.

In recent years the big record labels have been struggling more and more, as new alternative opportunities for music fans to obtain music have appeared. This has meant they have been even less likely than before to support developing artists, and stay with them for the long haul.

As a result it has become almost impossible for musicians to get a recording contract. Labels are only interested if they think an artist is extremely marketable… read young, pretty, can dance, and sounds vaguely saleable after generous helpings of autotune. Even when a genuinely talented artist does score a recording contract, they can suffer the fate of being dropped quickly, or having their albums stay on the shelves, not decently promoted.All this has happened at the same time as huge growth in online sales in all areas, and many musicians are making the most of the techniques and tools internet marketers have developed, to earn a decent income. More on this in the weeks to come.

Rendezvox will also have discussions of recording techniques and gear, reviews, artist interviews, news, and anything else I think will be interesting. As I’m in Melbourne Australia, the artists and venues here will be my starting point.

Music player of the week

You’ve probably noticed the music player up on the top right! Each week I’ll put up a music player lifted from a profile of an indie act who I think deserves some quality attention.

This week we have Melbourne duo Never The Empress, who just now are in the process of getting their first album out for sale. More on Never The Empress in a post to come. Meanwhile, how do you like their songs?

Leaving comments on blogs

Leaving comments on blog posts is a really useful thing to do if you are a musician or anyone else who wants to promote a project, or network with other people.

If you fill in the ‘Website’ box with your blog/website address, profile address (eg Facebook, Reverbnation) or squeeze page, people can find you and may even end up joining your mailing list and buying your music and merch. This works particularly well if you write a thoughtful comment – then people will be more likely to click on your name to find out more about you. For ‘Name’ you could fill in your real name or the name of your act or blog.

So please feel free to go ahead and leave a comment on this post. It’s good practice for your music marketing or networking, and I will feel REALLY encouraged!

You will need to include the http:// part of the web address, and of course if you don’t have a web address of any kind, or you want to write anonymously, just leave the Website box empty. You will need to supply a correct email address for commenting on Rendezvox, which will not be shown (or used).


I’m excited to be launching Rendezvox – I’ve been itching to do it for a while. What do you think of any of the above? Please leave a comment!

Cheers – Robin

About Robin

Robin is a web and marketing consultant and an occasional sound engineer.


  1. Hi Robin, Congratulations on your new Blog, looking forward to see what’s coming up in the future.

  2. Cath Lawson says

    Congratulations Robin. I hope anyone interested in Indie music will read your blog. Commenting on here is a great way for bands to get noticed. And I know you’ll also give them some great advice.

  3. Hi Frank – thanks Sweetheart – now for another glass of champagne?

    Hi Cath – thanks, and I’m looking forward to seeing your new blog!

  4. I hope to have my grand opening soon for my new work blog..WISE EARS so I will just start by signing up here for your great music blog – which needs some good listening

    neat idea Robin…hip hip hurrah for you

    Nice to have you back besides on FB

    Three cheers to your music

  5. Hi Robin,

    It’s great to see you in the blogoshpere again. I LOVE your idea of promoting musicians. From what you’ve written, it sounds like they can use all the exposure they can get. You’re doing a good thing. 🙂 xo

  6. Whoooohooo, it IS you — Robin in Melbourne!

    Love your blog’s name– very original a a propos of what you’re all about.

    Never The Empress. Cool name. Will enjoy checking them out!


    And I just put up a new post, you can get a brand- new Jannie new song mp3 for free from that post, whoooohoo.


  7. Congtats Robin! Woohoo. Nice to see you blogging again, and for such a worthy cause. This is an awesome idea and a great way to support new artists. I’m looking forward to hearing more. Tweeted this.

  8. Hi Patricia – yes I was amazed to see you were about to launch, just when I was. That’s launch, not lunch. Thanks for coming over to check it all out!

    Hi Barbara – thanks for all that, Barbara – I hope it works the way I would like it to – Cheers!

    Hi Jannie the Funstress – new mp3! And lyrics too, I see. And a story. Glad you like Rendezvox’s name – now I have to decide if it’s a him or a her. Thanks, Jannie.

    Hi Davina – thanks for the tweetie thing! One day I must force myself to get into twitter – heh. Lovely to see you over here – just like old times. 🙂

  9. A great ida and you write so well. Will be back to listen and write more when my laptop is fixed.

  10. Rock n roll – looking forward to this 🙂 Go Robin! Robin Roll!

  11. Hi Dot – thanks for dropping over, Dot – and I hope your laptop recovers soon.

    Hi Seamus – I’ll try not to roll about too much. Great to see you supplied a URL that sends us to your free music giveaway when we click on your name.

  12. Hi Robin,

    Congratulations! I look forward to visting and hearing about cool new music. I love your writing and wish you alll the best with this!

    Much Love and big hugs, xo

  13. Dropped by again with my laptop now out of the hospital and doing fine. I used to find music by listening to the radio. Now I can turn on your music player and listen while I surf.

  14. Hi Robin, good choice of music haha! And great blog! I look forward to following it.

  15. Hi Jenny – great to hear from you – and thanks!

    Hi Dot – there’ll be lots of different music in the weeks to come

    Hi Mark – your photos are awesome! – I was just showing your site to Frank. Glad you like the music 😉

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