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A great way to get more people to read your blog is by doing guest posts on OTHER people’s blogs. People reading the other blog read your article, which will include one or two links to your own blog. If they like your article they will often click through to your blog, and if you engage them, you’ll have some new readers.

Not only do the links from the other blog bring you new readers, it also gives your blog those much sought-after incoming links, which help boost your blog in the search engine rankings, making ALL your posts more likely to be discovered by random people doing Google searches.

If you’d like to give guest posting a go, here are some pointers:

1. Finding a blog you would like to write a guest post for

a. You want the readers of the other blog to be predisposed to like your music… if you are a sensitive singer-songwriter there’s probably no point writing for a hip-hop or R&B blog. Find artists similar to you, or genre blogs that suit you e.g. a country music blog.

b. Ideally you would write for a blog that has more readers than yours. You can get an idea on this from the number of comments on the blogs. If the other blog gets lots of comments, their readers will more likely be the type to leave comments, so are more likely to write comments on your blog. You ALWAYS want comments – remember, they give you “social proof”.

c. You can search for suitable blogs in Google blog search, using search terms such as country music, singer-songwriter, indie rock, indie rock bands, urban roots bands, country rock, pedal steel, blues guitar… and don’t forget ‘singer’ and ‘music’.

Also look through Alltop Music, to see if there’s something that suits.

d. Having said the above, it’s probably best to start off guest posting on musician friends’ blogs. You can educate each other.

2. Approaching a blog owner about writing a guest post

a. Once you have found a blog to guest post on, be a regular reader for a while. Leave thoughtful comments on posts as they are published, so the owner has a chance to get to know you. This also helps you sus out whether you want to post on this blog.

It really annoys bloggers if they get guest post submissions from people who obviously haven’t even read their blog.

b. When you have got to know the blog and hopefully the blogger, send the owner an email asking if you can do a guest post. Give them a brief outline of your article idea, which should have some relevance to their blog. Also tell them you won’t be publishing the article elsewhere (see 3.c).

Remember that bloggers often quite like someone contributing to their bog, and they will be curious about what you have to offer. Many will be very glad to have one less post to write.

3. What to write

a. Obviously you need to write about something that’s relevant to the blog and interesting to its readers.

b. Make it about the same length as other posts on the blog.

c. Don’t publish the article anywhere else on the internet. This can be tricky – often if you have a great idea (or any idea) you want to publish it on your own blog. But you have to restrain yourself, because of the way search engine robots crawling all the websites index material – they can detect duplicate content, and some of it may get ignored.

The other blogger will be looking for something unique for their blog, anyway. And it would be silly if readers clicked through to your blog and found the same or very similar article.

d. The blogging experts say to give away your best posts, in order to draw in a bigger audience – but if you do this make sure it’s a BIG blog you are writing on, so you aren’t wasting precious time and effort.

4. After the post is published

a. If you haven’t got statistics installed on your blog, I suggest you set them up – I use StatCounter. Look at your statistics every day for a while after the guest post is published to see if you are getting traffic from it – this will help you decide whether doing the guest post on that blog was worth it.

b. Relationships is everything in blogging – reply to comments on your guest post if the owner is happy for you to.

c. Mention on your own blog that you have done the guest post, with a link to it – the other blog owner likes links as much as you do. You can write a short post about it, or simply mention it at the end of your next post.

Long-term traffic

Having guest posts out there in the blogosphere helps bring in visitors over the long term, especially if the other blog does really well. So it can be part of your strategy for bringing in fans for years to come.

* * *

I hope you have found some of it useful, even if you only implement a few things.

Comments and questions are very welcome!

Cheers – Robin

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Robin is a web and marketing consultant and an occasional sound engineer.

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