Introducing Rendezvox

Welcome to Rendezvox, my new music blog.

Rendezvox will be about anything to do with the indie music sceneā€¦ for the uninitiated, indie music is music created by artists who are not signed by the major record labels. They are independent.

In recent years the big record labels have been struggling more and more, as new alternative opportunities for music fans to obtain music have appeared. This has meant they have been even less likely than before to support developing artists, and stay with them for the long haul.

As a result it has become almost impossible for musicians to get a recording contract. Labels are only interested if they think an artist is extremely marketableā€¦ read young, pretty, can dance, and sounds vaguely saleable after generous helpings of autotune. Even when a genuinely talented artist does score a recording contract, they can suffer the fate of being dropped quickly, or having their albums stay on the shelves, not decently promoted. [Read more…]