Music Marketing In Stealth Mode

marketing in stealth mode

Photo by josephdepalma

There’s a great way of making money from your music and merch that’s so underground that most likely neither you nor anyone you know has heard of it. Actually, it’s the underground of the underground.

The main reason so few musicians are doing it is, I think, that most don’t know anyone else doing it. Or it seems like too much work. Or they can’t believe they can actually make money from their music, or something.

It isn’t a lot of work, really. The selling bit runs on automation – once it’s all written up it runs on automatic pilot, and only needs to be updated when you bring out a new album, which surely isn’t all that often.

The other part of the equation is finding prospective buying fans from the internet, and directing them to your sales pages. This part is ongoing and you could call it “work”, but that depends on your definition of work. If you like talking about music and bands you like, instruments you play and all that sort of thing, it just might not feel like work. Especially if you only need to write 140 characters at a time. [Read more…]